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Hey how is the development of this game going? i hope you guys are doing well

Wow I won't to play this now

how can we fund this? I know some people very interested

Is there going to be an Android/iPhone release in the future? I'd pay up to 5$ for this as an app :O

u should add multiplayer to this game

a lot of people are playing this game if me didn't make this, everone would be missing out on this fun game


and if this game update so we have to download a updater or does the game have it in it


any way you could make a Chromebook version

chromebooks are terrible for gaming, trust me.

I really want to play this game, but I can't use my PC for gaming, so I hope you guys can create a mobile version of this game where I can play in mobile phone

Will there be a possibility of a multiplayer game or version of this?

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It's not outside of the realm of possibility, but we would definitely be making the single player campaign the focus. Coop is definitely something we love and we will be investigating quite heavily into.


Sweet! Any possibility is a possibility. Thanks for the response.


Enjoy, everone!


hey when well there be a update on this game