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About the game

Indie Turn Based Strategy / Puzzle Platformer

Based on the popular Doraleous & Associates animated show, in collaboration with Hank & Jed Movie Pictures, Doraleous & Associates: The Video Game is a prototype game featuring two turn based tactics combat scenarios and one puzzle-platforming sequence.

Play as Doraleous, Neebs, and Mirdon as you take down Blackcloaks and the fierce Beeholder! Use their unique abilities to slay foes, solve puzzles, and overcome platforming challenges.


  • All new voice overs from the Hank & Jed team!
  • Three unique combat abilities from the show for each character.
  • Switch between the three heroes on the fly in platforming, each with their own unique traits and abilities.
  • Encounter familiar enemy faces and new fantastic beasts!

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Install instructions

Extract the contents of the .zip, run the .exe and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a prototype. Art, sounds, gameplay, etc. are not final.


Doraleous & Associates Prototype (52 MB)


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Enjoy, everone!