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About the game

Indie Turn Based Strategy / Puzzle Platformer

Based on the popular Doraleous & Associates animated show, in collaboration with Hank & Jed Movie Pictures, Doraleous & Associates: The Video Game is a prototype game featuring two turn based tactics combat scenarios and one puzzle-platforming sequence.

Play as Doraleous, Neebs, and Mirdon as you take down Blackcloaks and the fierce Beeholder! Use their unique abilities to slay foes, solve puzzles, and overcome platforming challenges.


  • All new voice overs from the Hank & Jed team!
  • Three unique combat abilities from the show for each character.
  • Switch between the three heroes on the fly in platforming, each with their own unique traits and abilities.
  • Encounter familiar enemy faces and new fantastic beasts!

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Doraleous & Associates Prototype - Windows 52 MB
Doraleous & Associates Prototype - Mac 61 MB

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the .zip, run the .exe and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a prototype. Art, sounds, gameplay, etc. are not final.


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as a big fan of Doraleous and Associates having rewatched it multiple times through the years i just want to thank you for doing this, even if the game wasn't finished it's still more of what we love.

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Hey everyone who is still checking this page from time to time! We still get comments and emails about this so I thought I would come and clear things up a bit.

Production on this game stopped quite a long time ago and won't be picked up again. Making games as big as we planned this one to be is hard, and risky - something both us and the Neebs team weren't in a position at the time to pursue. Mega Dwarf as a company went on to do a lot of different things and then both of us got picked up as Senior Game Designers at another studio.

Thank you to every single person who played this and showed their excitement for more. To this day, this prototype is one of our most cherished creations - we're so glad we got a chance to talk to and work with the Neebs Gaming guys (miss you, Thick), and that we got to share it with such a great community.

Thanks everyone,

- Steve & Dan

Thank you for giving us this tidbit! I knew that it never launched because, in the video where they play it together, they mention it would have taken so much and maybe if we got all the money together we could do something but that was before years passed and everything has changed. It really warms my heart to see this, I've played this demo for years and still do. Thank you so much!

Happy 5 year anniversary prototype to game which doesn't exist from company that fell off the face of the earth and deleted their social media accounts for some reason. Here's to 5 more years dreaming of unfulfilled potential.

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Hey how is the development of this game going? i hope you guys are doing well

Don't hold your breath on this one bro

Wow I won't to play this now

how can we fund this? I know some people very interested

Is there going to be an Android/iPhone release in the future? I'd pay up to 5$ for this as an app :O

u should add multiplayer to this game

a lot of people are playing this game if me didn't make this, everone would be missing out on this fun game


and if this game update so we have to download a updater or does the game have it in it


any way you could make a Chromebook version

chromebooks are terrible for gaming, trust me.

I really want to play this game, but I can't use my PC for gaming, so I hope you guys can create a mobile version of this game where I can play in mobile phone

Will there be a possibility of a multiplayer game or version of this?

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It's not outside of the realm of possibility, but we would definitely be making the single player campaign the focus. Coop is definitely something we love and we will be investigating quite heavily into.


Sweet! Any possibility is a possibility. Thanks for the response.


Enjoy, everone!


hey when well there be a update on this game